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Sovereignty Music helps you to lay a foundation that can be easily adapted to go in any direction and suit any musical style. This is a critical feature of our programmes, especially considering the dramatic changes currently being experienced in the global musical environment.

Sovereignty Music promises you an utterly enjoyable experience while maintaining balance between the orthodox and contemporary music, thereby fostering flexibility and choice among other benefits.

When you learned how to read and write you didn’t just learn other people’s sentences; you learned the alphabet so that you could construct your own sentences. Sovereignty Music’s mandate is to equip you with the basic tools needed to play whatever style your heart desires.

The recorder is a woodwind instrument which emits clear and warm tones. It is one of the easiest musical instruments to learn, even for those with no music background. In this course, our music trainers will teach you some basic music theory and the skills required to play the soprano recorder. You will be able to play some beautiful music at the end of the course – guaranteed!

Concerned About Age?
Sovereignty Music is an art which can be enjoyed from a very early age. With careful nurturing, a child’s music talent can blossom into a lifetime of satisfaction, appreciation and enjoyment of music.

Sovereignty Music offers a carefully planned approach to the development of children’s musical abilities. It is never too early or late to start to learn a musical instrument! Sovereignty welcomes both child and adult pupils, and at all levels from complete beginners to post-graduates. Very often it is only later in life that there is time and determination to put in the necessary practice to make it really worthwhile as a wonderfully satisfying hobby.

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